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Best Large Format or Oversized ID Card Printer

July 29, 2015 - According to Matt Kronholm of Easy Badges, "It is a common problem I have tried to solve for many customers over the years. You need to print over-sized (larger than standard CR8030 credit card size) cards on demand for an event. There have been very little truly flexible solutions over the years, but the SwiftColor printer has answered a lot of people's problems. By far it is the most flexible large format card printer and can print anywhere from a standard CR80 card to an enveloped sized card. Other solutions only offer customization with the credit card sized area or just a little extra length, but not width. Many major sport organizations have switched to the SwiftColor including professional and collegiate sporting teams and championship series. I will not list them here to avoid a lawsuit since I can not remember the confidentiality agreements for those. The SwiftColor SCC-4000D can handle any ID that needs to be scene from afar for event credentials, law enforcement IDs, and many other applications."

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